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Why Invest in Scotch Whisky Casks?

Investors are seeking alternatives to their current underperforming investments.
Fact. Scotch Whisky is a long-standing market with the highest returns and highest demand right now.
✓ Award-Winning Distilleries
✓ Wholesale Cask Prices
✓ 5x years Free Storage & Insurance
✓ HMRC AWRS & WOWGR Approved Brokerage

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We help qualified Private Investors achieve 12-20% Per Annum returns by investing in
Award-Winning Whisky Casks at Wholesale prices.

Our Whiskey Casks

Are you interested in owning your very-own Casks of Scotch & Irish Whiskey? We offer you a unique opportunity to purchase rare Casks of Scotch & Irish Whiskey, filled by our Award-Winning distilleries located in the heart of Scotland & Ireland, producing some of the finest investment grade Whiskies in the world.

Whiskey Business Club has partnerships with Award-Winning distillers producing Single Malt Scotch & Single Malt Irish Whisk(e)y for us exclusively. We place our Cask stock through Private Investors seeking to diversify their investment portfolio. Scotch & Irish Casks of Whiskey is one of the most stable and best-performing alternative long-term commodity asset investments in the world.

Why own rare Scotch & Irish Casks of Whiskey?

• 42 bottles of Scotch are exported to over 175 different countries each second
• Over 22 million Scotch Casks maturing in Scotland to meet global demand
• Scotch Whisky contributes £5.5 billion per year to the UK economy
• Irish whiskey is the fastest growing premium spirit in the world
• Irish whiskey market growth up 200% over 10 years
• 900% increase in active Irish distilleries to meet the ever-growing demand

Single Malt Scotch & Irish Whiskies are one of the most popular spirits in the world, currently exported to over 175 countries worldwide.

With a loyal international following, owning a portfolio of Scotch & Irish Whiskey Casks allows you to invest in one of the most stable alternative asset-backed commodities in the world.

It’s no secret rare, aged Whiskies command high resale value on the open market, and savvy Private Investors acquire Scotch & Irish Casks to diversify their investment portfolio.

Be part of the ever-growing trend of Private Investors shifting into Scotch & Irish Whiskey investments to capitalise on a relatively still new and untapped market. Irish Whiskey is currently the fastest-growing spirit market in the world, and Private Investors are experiencing lucrative returns from a low-risk long-term investment.

Whiskey Business Club provides three clear options and two exit strategies after acquiring Scotch & Irish Whiskey Casks, offering a potential of double or triple-digit return on an investment after five years.

Want to learn more about the potential of investing in rare cask Irish whiskey? Contact us now to speak with a qualified Whiskey Asset Manager today

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