Our Story

Whiskey Business Club is built on the foundation to capitalise on a lucrative and exclusive investment opportunity within the whiskey industry. Our passion for the finest and rarest whiskey inspired the creation of our market-leading brokerage, offering investors a unique opportunity to acquire new-make spirit, store under government bond to complete a maturation period before turning into ‘liquid-gold’.

Igniting our passion for fine whiskey and business, we embarked on our adventure; the Whiskey Business Club was born.

Cask Whisky investments have been a family tradition for many years. Our uncle, a successful Scotch Whisky broker in 1968, offered Cask Whiskey investment opportunity to the Middle East and Asian markets. A keen eye for business, his pioneering approach offered Cask Whiskey to high net worth private individuals; a business model executed till today. Our mission is to carry his torch, to build our legacy in the international whiskey industry.

Partnering with market-leading whiskey distilleries in Scotland and Ireland, Whiskey Business Club distils new-make spirit we offer to private investors at a retail level. Our business model allows seasoned private and institutional investors to purchase Cask Whiskey. A long-term tangible asset investment to capitalise on once the asset completes a minimum maturation period of five years. Whiskey is one of the largest and most sustainable commodity markets in the world, currently experiencing rapid growth, making it one of the fastest-growing alternative investment options today.

Cask Whiskey investments have gained international notoriety with many high-profile celebrities owning whiskey brands. High Net Worth, private investors from America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, are capitalising on the investment opportunity from a relatively new and still untapped market.

Our business model facilitates the acquisition of Award-Winning Cask Whiskey to store in a government bond. As a HMRC Approved Alcohol Wholesaler and Brokerage, we offer three clear exit-strategies after completing a minimum maturation period of five years, allowing investors to achieve a potential of double or triple-digit return.

Discover how to capitalise from a highly profitable, very sustainable and ever-expanding investment opportunity today.


Our Cask Whiskey is distilled by 3x Award-Winning Distilleries in Scotland & Ireland


Our website offers information about investments, but we do not provide financial advice. If you’re unsure about investing, please request advice from a financial advisor. If you decide to invest, read our Risk WarningTerms & Conditions, and other relevant literature before investing in Whisk(e)y. Investments can go up and down in value and present the risk of losing capital. Your capital is at risk.