2019 Winter Release – Limited Edition Award Winning Cask Irish Whiskey Offer

Offer Document

Own a Cask of Award-Winning Irish Whiskey

Whiskey Business Club Limited offer rare first-fill cask whiskey to private individuals and fine whiskey collectors, alike. Partnering with leading distilleries, we offer first-fill cask whiskey otherwise unavailableto private individuals on the open market.

To celebrate our launch, we are offering a very limited release of award-winning Irish whiskey from a leading distillery located in the West of Ireland.

We can exclusively offer award-winning single malt pot-still Irish whiskey from one of the most natural and unspoilt regions of Ireland where our distillers barrel-age fine spirits in a rural, coastal environment unique to the region.

Set within a 2500m2 facility, the distillery use traditional time-honoured techniques to prepare, mash, ferment, distil, age and bottle spirit all on site. Three copper pot stills have been custom designed by the Master Distiller to produce the finest Irish Whiskey with truly unique tastes and blends.

The casks are laid to rest in a perfect environment, allowing the whiskey to mature under the distilleries loving and watchful eye, making sure we offer some of the finest, rarest cask Irish whiskey otherwise unavailable for private sale.

We are proud to offer a limited release of 100x casks of award-winningrare Irish Whiskey to private individuals and whiskey collectors.Casks are very limited in availability and will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Once matured for a minimum of five years, your whiskey can be left in bond, or be bottled and labelled on site. If so desired,Whiskey Business Club Limited will assist you to find a buyeron the open market interested to purchase your rare cask whiskey. Irish Whiskey is currently the fastest growing spirit in the world and private individuals choose whiskey as an asset-backed investment due to double-digit market growth annually over the past decade.

Interested to own a piece of collectable
Irish history?

The Master Distiller

Our vendor’ Master Distiller studied and trained in Scotland at the Heriot-Watt University. His award winning craft spirits command an impressive following, and he has won over 25 international gold medals in four spirit categories – gin, whiskey, vodka, and specialties. Unlike most master distillers, he also designed the three pot stills for the sole purpose of making great Irish whiskey. His new make single malt spirit has already received numerous awards both in Ireland and the United States.

Purchasing Cask Whiskey

In order to reserve your cask whiskey, we require you complete the Offer Form at the end of this document. In order to secure your cask, a 10% deposit payment is required through any major debit/credit card. The cask remaining balance is due within 7x working days from time of receiving your 10% deposit payment to our Barclay’s UK Business Account.

On receipt of your order, we will issue you with an invoice for payment in full. Once your payment has been received, we will provide you with a forecasted filling date for your cask and forward the certificate of ownership to you. On completion of ownership, you will become a member of Whiskey Business Club Limited, where we give you access to rare cask whiskey offers from Ireland, Scotland and our first USA cask whiskey release to look forward to in 2020.

Turning five years old

On reaching the minimum maturation period of five years, each cask owner will have the option to either continue maturation at the distillery partner site (at an agreed cost) or have your cask bottled.

Any cask that is requested to be bottled in its entirety will be bottled into 70cl bottles with full private labelling capabilities. We can assist you create a bespoke private label for your special occasion or celebration, or assist you with your private label design with our own in-house team of expert brand and graphic designers.

We recommend bottling between five and seven years of age; ten years is the maximum amount of time your cask can be stored under this scheme. Should you require additional storage, Whiskey Business Club Limited can assist you for an agreed fee.

If you decide to not bottle your whiskey after five years, we can continue to store your cast for an annual fee.

Cask Contents

The Angels’ Share

Approximately 2% – 2.5% of the cask contents evaporates each year (the ‘Angel’s Share’).There may also be production losses when the contents of the cask is bottled, but this should not exceed 2% of the total volume. Please note, the evaporation rate of each cask will vary and the losses may be higher than outlined above.

Number of Bottles

This depends on a number of factors such as maturation rate, age of the whiskey, size of cask (there are slight differences), etc.

On a very approximate basis, you could assume that a barrel (approx. 200x litres), bottled at 40% alc. vol in 70cl bottles after five years, should yield 68x cases, or 397x bottles.


All casks chosen to be bottled will have attached to the bottle a label that prominently displays Whiskey Business Club Limited, along with the name of our distiller. There is of course the option to create a bespoke label, for instance if you are creating your cask as a family heirloom and would like to include a coat of arms or crest. We will be able to advise you further closer to the time of bottling.

Certificate of Ownership

After purchasing a cask, the owner is presented with a personalised Cask Owner’s Certificate. The whiskey is allowed to mature within the distilleries partnering warehouse under bond for at least five years where it is carefully monitored by our distillers.

Distillery Visits

All cask owners will be able to visit the distillery, free of charge during the maturation of their whiskey where private casks will be available for viewing. Please be mindful that it is a working distillery and appointments can only be confirmed in advance in writing.

Cask Samples

Cask sample are available on request (charges will apply) and may be sent internationally, subject to international restrictions in some countries and duty may be payable. Owners are responsible for clearing the sample through customs by paying appropriate duty costs.

Bottling Options

After five years, Whiskey Business Club will advise the owner when the cask is ready for bottling. At this point, final payment will be due for Excise Duty / bottling (if not pre-paid) and 20% VAT (Value Added Tax). Payment must be made before the cask can be removed from bond.

Cask Offer Overview

Standard 40% ABV (80 Proof )

Cask Size 200 L
Style Bourbon
Spirit Type New Make
Litres per Cask @59%
Angels Share per year 2%
Litres of Pure Alcohol per Cask 111
No of 700ml Bottles at 40% ABV 397
Cost per cask £5,200.00
Multiple cask orders available on request

Bottling £1,350.00
Labelling £1,000.00
Duty £1,040.00 (approx.)

Prices concerning, bottling, labelling and duty are subject to change in government legislation and rise in inflation.

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