Offering Award-Winning Investment-Grade Cask Irish Whiskey

Offering Award-Winning
Investment-Grade Irish Whiskey Casks

Irish Whiskey is currently one of the fastest-growing spirit markets in the world. International Private Investors chose Irish Whiskey as one of the most popular asset-option investment opportunities in the world today. Each year, the Irish Whiskey market continues to relentlessly grow in double-digits, experiencing 200% market-growth over the last decade.

To celebrate our first release, Whiskey Business Club offers a rare and exclusive opportunity for Private Investors to acquire Award-Winning Irish Whiskey Casks, otherwise unavailable at a retail level.

We offer exclusive Award-Winning Single Malt pot-still Irish Whiskey Casks from one of the most natural and unspoilt regions of Ireland. Our Irish Whiskey is barrel-aged in a rural, coastal environment in a unique location.

Uisce Beatha -the “water of life”!

Our Irish Whiskey is produced within a 2,500 square-metre facility, employing traditional, time-honoured techniques to prepare, mash, ferment, distil, age and bottle spirit all on-site. Three Copper Pot-Stills are custom-designed by the Master Distiller to produce the most beautiful Irish Whiskey with genuine, unique tastes.

The Casks then laid to rest in a perfect climatic environment, allowing our New-Make Spirit to mature under the distilleries loving, watchful eye, ensuring we offer some of the finest, rarest Casks of Irish Whiskey, otherwise unavailable for private sale.

Once matured for a minimum of five years, your Casks of Irish Whiskey can be left to age or be bottled and labelled on-site. If so desired, we can assist you in finding a buyer on the open market, interested in purchasing your liquid-asset for a tidy double-digit return on your investment.

We’re offering exclusively, one-hundred casks of Irish Whiskey from our Award-Winning distillery located in the West of Ireland. Barrels are extremely limited and reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Award-Winning Investment-Grade Irish Whiskey Cask Investment Opportunity

Investors achieve a return on their capital by executing one of three available strategies:

Option 1 Hold Your Asset for 5+ years – 12-15%+ per annum capital growth potential.
Option 2 Exit Strategy 1: After completing a 5+ year hold; offer your Cask to a Private Investor or Whiskey Collector / Brokerage or Distillery Buy-Back at a 60+ return on investment.
Option 3 Exit Strategy 2: Private Labelling & Bottling – After completing a 5+ year maturation period, Private Investors have the opportunity to private label and bottle Casks sold privately on the open market to achieve a 100%+ exponential return on investment.

Returns from Irish Whiskey typically outperform more traditional methods of investing, including:

• Stocks & Shares
• Bonds
• Property

Cask Storage & Insurance

We offer Government Bonded Storage Facilities to store your Irish Whiskey Casks in the perfect environment, under the loving and watchful eye of our Master Distillers.

Are Irish Whiskey Cask Assets Insured? 

Yes. Your Irish Whiskey Casks get stored in our Government Bonded Facilities and fully insured against:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage or spillage

In the rare and unfortunate case of contacting our insurers, your Irish Whiskey Cask assets get replaced by our distillers, like-for-like. Yet another reason why investing in Irish Whiskey Casks is one of the most popular and secure alternatives asset investments for Private Investors to acquire, today.

Cask Storage & Insurance Costs

We offer premium storage solutions for your Cask asset(s) with very cost-effective pricing. The first years’ storage and insurance of your Cask get included within the initial cost of your acquisition. We provide yearly storage and insurance after year one for a fee of £100 per Cask per year.

Cask Storage & Insurance Cost-breakdown

Cask Quantity Storage & Insurance – Year one Storage & Insurance – Year two Storage & Insurance – Year three Storage & Insurance – Year four Storage & Insurance – Year five +
1+ Cask Included in cost of acquisition £100 per year per Cask £100 per year per Cask £100 per year per Cask £100 per year per Cask

Award-Winning Investment-Grade Irish Whiskey Casks

(Minimum Investment – 2x Cask)

Achieve returns of 12-20%+ per year from one of the most stable and safest performing commodity markets in the world.

Cask Cask Size Double Distilled Irish Whiskey Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey
1st Fill Bourbon Barrel 200L £ POA £ POA
Virgin French Oak Barrel 225L £ POA £ POA
Wine Hogshead Barrel 225L £ POA £ POA
Invest Securely in Award-Winning Investment-Grade Irish Whiskey Casks

*Capital at Risk

Our website offers information about investments, but we do not provide financial advice. If you’re unsure about investing, please request advice from a financial advisor. If you decide to invest, read our Risk WarningTerms & Conditions, and other relevant literature before investing in Whisk(e)y. Investments can go up and down in value and present the risk of losing capital. Your capital is at risk.