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Create your private whiskey label

Here at Whiskey Business Club, we understand for an investor making money is of primary importance. We also understand the importance of exclusivity and uniqueness of an investment opportunity. We are a unique whiskey bonder/brokerage as we offer cask whiskey to private individuals at the retail level, with the opportunity to create your very own bespoke whiskey label. Through our award-winning distillers, Whiskey Business Club offers our clients the unique opportunity to create your bespoke whiskey label to offer on the open market.

Owning your private alcohol label is a growing trend, and many A-list celebrities including Matthew McConaughey, Drake and David Beckham have acquired their private whiskey labels. Furthermore, the ‘Notorious’ Connor McGregor achieved over €1 billion worth of sales in his first year through his own private Irish whiskey label, Proper 12.

Whiskey Business Club currently offers private labelling and bottling to pubs, clubs, hotel groups and private individuals, seeking to move away from building existing whiskey brands by creating and offering their private label.

How does a private investor offer their private whiskey label?

First of all, you’ll need to invest in cask whiskey. Whiskey Business Club offers a limited number of casks of award-winning Irish & Scotch whisky, that we place with private individuals on a first come first serve basis.

The minimum investment is for a single cask, with no limit to the number of casks you can take to bottle. We recommend purchasing more than one cask, as it allows investors to place their brand of whiskey on the open market each year with limited availability, yet safe in the knowledge you’ve acquired more stock left to mature and release in the future.

By keeping your bottled whiskey rare means investors can achieve higher returns on the open market, as there are only a few hundred bottles available, based on bottling a single cask. By investing in more than a single cask, it allows private individuals to keep releasing their private label each year, whilst stocking reserves of mature whiskey that command a higher return when placed and sold. For example, a single bottle of ten-year-old whiskey will command a far higher price than a five-year-old bottle when sold on the open market.

How many bottles will a cask of whiskey yield?

A cask of whiskey will yield an estimated 370-400x 70cl bottles. Each bottle can achieve €65 on the open market, and pricing is established by the current whiskey market whereby a five-year-old rare Irish whiskey currently sells for between €65-€90+ per bottle.

Do I need a licence to sell bottled whiskey?

Yes. As a whiskey bonder, Whiskey Business Club Limited is approved by HMRC as an Alcohol Wholesaler. As a brokerage, our services include assisting our clients to place their whiskey on the open market. Through the Whiskey Business Club, private individuals can create and sell their bespoke private whiskey label.

How many casks are currently available?

Whiskey Business Club is currently placing 500x casks of award-winning Irish & Scotch whiskey. We have been placing casks with private investors since February 2020 to celebrate the first release of our award-winning cask whiskey.

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