Corporate Cask-Asset Programme

Whiskey Business Club invites Corporate Companies to invest in vast stocks of Investment Grade Single Malt Scotch and Irish Whisk(e)y Casks at ultra-wholesale rates.
Companies diversify their capital into Cask Whiskey Assets as a commodity that currently increases by between 15-20% per annum, that is outperforming other asset-classes including Gold, Silver, Stocks, Bonds and Real-estate investments.

Investing in rare Scotch & Irish Whiskey Casks is one of the fastest-growing commodity assets for mid to large-size companies to diversify in. Whiskey offers a potential of double and triple-digit returns upwards of 20%+ per annum and is one of the most stable and secure investment opportunities in the world.

For the more risk-averse Corporation, Whiskey Business Club recommends our Award-Winning Investment Grade Premium Quality Single Malt Scotch to achieve exceptionally safe investment returns for years to come.

Irish Whiskey has experienced exponential growth over the past 30 years. Market Experts predict the bullish rise in Irish Whiskey to continue till 2030 and beyond, providing another decade at least of highly lucrative investment potential within the industry.

Award-Winning Investment-Grade Single Malt Scotch Corporate Casks Programme

Cask Cask Size Quantity Single Malt Scotch Whisky (£)
First Fill Bourbon Barrel Unpeated 200L 12-120x: £ POA
First Fill Bourbon Barrel Peated 200L 12-120x: £ POA

Investment-Grade Irish Whiskey Corporate Casks Programme

Cask Cask Size Quantity Double Distilled Irish Whiskey (£) Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey (£)
1st Fill Bourbon Barrel 200L 12-120x: £ POA £ POA
2nd Fill Bourbon Barrel 200L 12-120x: £ POA £ POA

Our website offers information about investments, but we do not provide financial advice. If you’re unsure about investing, please request advice from a financial advisor. If you decide to invest, read our Risk WarningTerms & Conditions, and other relevant literature before investing in Whisk(e)y. Investments can go up and down in value and present the risk of losing capital. Your capital is at risk.