THIS Investment is Creating a New Millionaire Class in Ireland

The fastest way to multiply your money in 2019 has created a sensational new class of millionaires in Ireland! When people discover that ‘whiskey investment’ is currently the fastest growing investment market in the world, they are shocked.

Whiskey Tops the Luxury Investment Index

The Knight Frank Whiskey Index (KFRW100), increased by almost 40% through 2018.

How much collectors are prepared to pay for the fine whiskeys has no limits. In 2018 a single malt whiskey bottle set a new world record price of £700,000 in October, only to be beaten one month later when another bottle sold for £1 million.

The most expensive bottle of whiskey: a bottle of The Macallan 1926, hand-painted by Michael Dillon, was recently sold by Christie’s for US$1.5 million!

Whiskey is For Everyone. You don’t have to drink Whiskey to Invest in it

ANYBODY can gain from the boom in the whiskey market, a whiskey enthusiast, a beginner in this portfolio, or even somebody with no knowledge of financial investment.

Whiskey is one of the most popular spirits in the world. This loyal international following is growing supersonically because people use it to celebrate a special occasion or milestone, as a unique gift to a loved-one or to just hold long-term and exit for a tidy gain in the future!

Historical performance

The cash price for 8-year old Irish whisky bought new, and sold each year of the decade 2009-2020 shows average historical returns of 15.3% per annum.


People, who want to en-cash on this growth boom to make smart money before investments in whiskey become extremely mainstream and the returns are minimized, should start now.

It takes 60 seconds of your time to discover the popular whiskey portfolio that’s perfectly ripe for investment, and it starts as low as 30 euros.