Create & Own a Scotch
Irish Whiskey Private Label

Whiskey Business Club understands an investor’s primary goal is a return on investment. Secondly, we appreciate the importance of exclusivity and uniqueness of an investment opportunity. Our unique Whiskey brokerage offers Cask Whiskey to Private Individuals at the retail level, with the option to create your very own bespoke Whiskey label.

Partnering with Award-Winning distilleries, Whiskey Business Club offers our clients the unique opportunity to provide your bespoke Whiskey label offering on the open market.

Owning a Private Whiskey Label is a growing trend, with many A-list celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey, Drake and David Beckham acquiring theirs. The ‘Notorious’ Connor McGregor achieved over €1 billion worth of sales in his first year through his Private Irish Whiskey label, Proper 12.

Whiskey Business Club offers Private Labelling and Bottling capability to Private Individuals, pubs, clubs, hotel groups and corporate enterprises, seeking to move away from building existing Whiskey brands by creating their bespoke Private Label.

Create a Scotch | Irish Whiskey Private-Label

First of all, you’ll need to invest in Cask Whiskey. Whiskey Business Club offers a limited number of Award-Winning Single Malt Scotch & Irish Whiskies to Private Individuals on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The minimum investment is for two Casks, with no limit on the number of barrels you can take to bottle. We recommend purchasing several kegs, as it allows Investors to release their bespoke brand each year in limited availability, secure in the knowledge they acquired additional stock to mature and release in the future.

By limiting your release, Private Investors can achieve higher returns on the open market, as there are only a few hundred bottles available each year, based on bottling a Single Cask. By investing in multiple barrels, Private Individuals maintain releasing their Private Label each year while stocking reserves of mature Whiskey that commands a higher market value when bottled and sold in the future. A single bottle of ten-year-old Whiskey has a higher open market-value than a five-year-old.

Projected Cask Yield & Private-Label Scotch | Irish Whiskey Market Valuation

A single Cask of Scotch and/or Irish Whiskey yields an estimated 370-400x 70cl bottles. After completing a five-year maturation period, a single bottle of Irish or Scotch Single Malt Whisky typically achieves around £60 – £80+ per bottle based on pricing set by today’s valuation sold on the open market. Expect to attain £20,000+ per Cask before expenses.

Offering Scotch | Irish Whiskey Private-Label on the Open Market

Whiskey Business Club is an approved Alcohol Wholesaler & Brokerage by HMRC. Our brokerage service includes assisting our clients in placing their Private-Label Irish or Scotch Whisky bottles on the open market.

Individual investors can create and sell their bespoke private-label Scotch and/or Irish Whisky through Whiskey Business Club HMRC approved Alcohol Wholesaler & Brokerage status.

Invest in Limited Scotch | Irish Whisky Casks for Private-Labelling

Whiskey Business Club is celebrating our initial release of Award-Winning Scotch and/or Irish Whisky by offering three-hundred Casks we’re placing with Private Investors on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Are you interested in bringing your dream Private-Label brand to reality? Take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity and invest in Scotch and/or Irish Single Malt Casks of Whisky for private labelling today.

*Capital at Risk

Our website offers information about investments, but we do not provide financial advice. If you’re unsure about investing, please request advice from a financial advisor. If you decide to invest, read our Risk WarningTerms & Conditions, and other relevant literature before investing in Whisk(e)y. Investments can go up and down in value and present the risk of losing capital. Your capital is at risk.