Risk warning

Prospective investors should consider carefully whether an investment into a whisk(e)y cask is suitable for them in light of their own circumstances and financial resources and should review the document carefully before deciding to invest in Scotch or Irish cask whisk(e)y.

All of the information contained in this document should be considered in light of the risk factors highlighted herein.

The investment described in this document may not be suitable for all recipients. Investors should seek independent investment, legal and tax advice concerning this document’s contents and the potential consequences of investing in cask whiskey.

All investments present the risk of some loss of capital to the investor. Such risks are subject to macroeconomic market and industry-specific conditions including but not limited to; the national and international economic conditions, domestic and international financial policies, performance and governmental events and changes in income tax laws.

Other risks include the impact of competition and associated pricing pressures, the impact of war on terrorism and other risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the Company’s control or its directors.

Inflation, deflation and economic risk could reduce the value of cask whisk(e)y and effect any returns that may be achieved. Past and current performance does not imply that future trends will follow the same or similar pattern. Projections made in this document may not be fully achieved, and the Companies actual performance may differ materially from the projections detailed in this document.

Any investment made by any person based on a statement or representation that is not contained herein or inconsistent with information contained herein shall be solely at the investor’s risk.

Investors know that they will not benefit from the financial services compensation scheme’s financial ombudsman service in the Company’s insolvency.

The Company will be operating in a competitive industry where the commercial risks are high. Any investment into Whiskey Business Club Limited is, therefore, speculative.

Prospective investors are advised to read this document in its entirety before making decision to invest in cask whisk(e)y.

There can be no assurance that Whiskey Business Club Limited will achieve the Company’s business objectives. This may affect the Company’s ability to pay interest on the cask(s) of whisk(e)y or a potential offer to buy back at maturity. In certain circumstances, investors may not recover the full value of their investment(s). Given the five-year term, cask whisk(e)y must be viewed as a mid-to-long-term investment.

POA (Power of Attorney) Requirements

Should you be acting on behalf of a client as POA (Power of Attorney) i.e. your client is deemed a vulnerable person under the mental health act 2007. Whiskey Business Club will request AML and KYC documents along with a valid POA document that can be checked and verified against the .GOV register for the appointed POA, so as to prove that the POA is valid, legally qualified and has been appointed by the client.


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This website is being made available only to a limited number of prospective investors who are either (i) certified high net worth individuals, self-certified sophisticated investors or sophisticated investors within the meaning, respectively and articles 48. 50. and 50A. of the financial services and markets act 2000 financial promotion order 2005 or (ii) persons to whom it may otherwise be lawful to access the information (all such persons together being referred to as “relevant persons”). This website is directed only at relevant persons and must not be acted or relied upon by persons who are not relevant persons.


Whiskey Business Club Limited does not offer investment advice.

All connections are subject to your own due diligence process.

Our website offers information about investments, but we do not provide financial advice. If you’re unsure about investing, please request advice from a financial advisor. If you decide to invest, read our Risk WarningTerms & Conditions, and other relevant literature before investing in Whisk(e)y. Investments can go up and down in value and present the risk of losing capital. Your capital is at risk.